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Ephesians 2:10 LEB
"For we are His creation, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, so that we may walk in them."

Welcome to New Creation Church: Your Orange County Church

We are a loving, friendly, and vibrant International Church of Christ! We're not here to be just another Christian church—we're here to be a community in the Orange County area where you can feel free to worship in truth and spirit.

At New Creation Center, we keep the main thing, the main thing: Jesus! Our Sunday service, prayer meetings, and special worship events are all safe places to hear the life-changing message of Christ that will allow you to connect, grow, and learn to follow Him. We love God and people and are excited to enjoy your spiritual journey with you.

Prayer Requests

Do you have a special prayer request you want us to bring before the Lord? Send us a message, and our pastoral staff will be sure to pray for you!

Join us for Worship!

Serving God is better when you’re together! We invite all of our Orange County neighbors to join us at any time for worship—and that includes you! Join us this Sunday at 3 p.m. for our weekly Sunday church service. It’s a special time of prayer, singing, and learning.

More Ways to Worship

We love finding more ways for our Orange County church community to interact. That's why we offer a variety of weekly meeting opportunities where you can worship, serve, and grow together!

Christian Church Sunday Service | New Creation Center

Our Sunday church service is a welcoming period of communal Christian worship, fellowship, and prayer time. Join us for our next Sunday service!

Join our friendly spiritual family every Sunday at 3 p.m.

English, Russian languages are used in the service

Pastor Alex

Meet Our Pastor

Alex Nussupov - is the leading pastor and the founders of the NEW CREATION CENTER, the charity project "COMPASSION IN ACTION“ and the prison ministry in Hong Kong.

Before moving to Southern California, he devoted 11 years to the mission in China. Alex founded and opened a church in Guangzhou, China. He organized and participated in many missionary trips to the following countries: Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines…

Alex is getting a Master's degree in Pastoral Training and Church Development in Azusa Pacific University. Alex has two children and a happy family.

Welcome to the New Creation Christian Church in Orange County, Irvine.

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By investing in the ministry “NEW CREATION CENTER”, you are helping to start churches that intentionally and strategically take care of preaching the good news all Nations and to the ends of the earth.

Thank you for helping us ensure that the Great Commission is being fulfilled.

Core Convictions

We are ordinary people who want to grow as a spiritual family following the principles of the Kingdom of God and changing for the better under the influence of the love and power of our Lord Jesus Christ. The core convictions of our Christian Church International are:

To love God. We strive to know God, His power and will to bring this knowledge to the world, fulfilling our noble mission of spiritual enlightenment.

To love people. Everyone deserves God's love and grace. And we are here to help you establish a meaningful relationship with our Lord and live fully inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

To love the world. We aspire to show the world that God's plan for our life is truthful, important, and life-affirming. The Gospel changes people and empowers us to change the world for the better.

Welcome to our Family

The International Church is not just a place where you can come to pray and learn more about the will of God, we are a huge community of people who are always here to share your grief and joy. We are an international family of Christ-minded individuals of different generations, cultures, social statuses, beliefs, and life views. And we are all united by the cross of Christ and carry out the same mission – to know God and ourselves, preach the Gospel, and help people find the Lord Jesus Christ. No matter who you are – young or old, rich or poor, believer or one who has lost faith – we do want you to become part of our family, and our doors are always open for you!

International Christian Church near You!

Everyone who has God in their hearts should have the opportunity to worship and pray. You know how important this is for every Christian. So, we are glad to welcome you to our services in one of the temples in your city. Simply visit the New Creation Center website and find the Church locations near you in just a couple of clicks. In addition, we organize family-like gatherings at homes to study the Word of God in a cozy and warm atmosphere, share feelings, support each other and pray together. It's all about sincere fellowship between those with a deep passion to love God.

What's more, we carry the message of Jesus around the world and dream of planting International Christian Churches in many locations, so by God’s grace and power, there will be even more Houses of Prayer over time.

To Inspire, to Inform, to Unify, and to Grow the International Churches of Christ

Millions of people attend the International Church of Christ in various ministries around the world. This is the very place where every Christian can get much-coveted spiritual satisfaction and enjoy the feeling of complete immersion in the community.

Our family is here:

to inspire. We welcome everyone who has lost their faith but sincerely wants to find God again. We help to deal with religious mediocrity and spiritual errors and establish a vibrant, meaningful relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

To inform. Furthermore, we are excited to share our knowledge of the Word of God with those around us. It is not necessary whether you are just starting your spiritual path or have been living according to God's teachings for a long time – there is always room for greater growth and depth. You will learn something new and exciting in our congregations.

To unify. Faith erases all boundaries and unites people more than anything else. Indeed, the Christian International Church welcomes all visitors regardless of age, color, or origin. Seemingly different people get on well with each other, make friends, have fun, and share their experiences, growing into one big and friendly family. It's priceless.

To grow. We do not only pray, but also grow together – step by step, supporting and rejoicing in each other's achievements. Healing encounters, Christian courses, and Pastor's training to enhance your spiritual performance. We are committed to great faith empowerment for those whose souls are open to God.

FAQs About Our Orange County Church

What kind of church is New Creation Center?

We are an International Church of Christ. We welcome people from every background and ethnicity to worship freely and without judgment. We’re a welcoming and loving community that sees all Christians as family and desires to grow together each week!

Where is your Orange County church located?

We are centrally located at 9233 Research Dr., Irvine, CA 92618.

Is there a dress code?

We want you to come as you are, so there is no dress code. However, we ask you to come with a sense of modesty, no matter what fashion style you choose.